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We want your input!
Where do you see Darlington in 2035?
What direction do you want Darlington to grow?
city seeks input

The City of Darlington Planning Department seeks your input as it writes the City’s Comprehensive Plan: Darlington 2035.

“What direction do you want Darlington to grow? Where do you see the City in 2035? That’s what we are trying to describe with this plan,” says Lisa Bailey, Director of Economic Development and Planning.

The Comprehensive Plan, a document required by state law, outlives any one election and any one collection of council members, and it provides direction to staff when prioritizing projects.

“No matter who is in office, staff can look to this document for answers,” Bailey says. “You can’t poll City Council and the Mayor every time you get a phone call or see a grant announcement. These plans provide some general direction and guidance toward the community’s goals, not just one person’s goals.”

The Plan includes 10 elements: Population, Economic Development, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, Community Facilities, Housing, Land Use, Transportation, Priority Investment, and Resiliency. It details the current situation of each element, goals, and action plans to achieve those goals.

Staff will meet with community members on a drop-in basis and schedule other times as needed.

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The Coffee & Community events will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Fridays at Joe’s Grill, 306 Russell St., Darlington. Dates are December 3, 10, & 17, and January 7, 14, 21, & 28. Coffee or breakfast will be Dutch treat.

Surveys will be available at City Hall, 400 Pearl St., beginning in December 3. Pick up or drop off surveys at City Hall, 400 Pearl St., Darlington, or mail completed surveys to City Planning, P.O. Box 57, Darlington, SC 29540. Survey results will be incorporated into the plan.

The Pee Dee Regional Council of Governments is working with the City on this project, and together with the City Planning Commission have been collaborating on the 2035 plan since 2019.

“We chose 2035 as our timeframe because the City of Darlington will turn 200 that year, and we don’t want the significance of that moment to be lost,” Bailey says.

A final draft of the comprehensive plan will be presented to the City Planning Commission before being presented to City Council for adoption before the end of 2022.

For information, contact the Planning Department by email rock@cityofdarlington.com or by phone at 843-398-4000 or 843-992-1561.