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The Darlington Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life in our city by creating partnerships with the community to protect and preserve life and property, to prevent crime, and resolve community problems.

The Darlington Police Department serves the City of Darlington with 24 law enforcement officers and Police Chief Jimmy Davis.

For all emergencies, call 911.

The Darlington Police Department can be reached at (843) 398-4026 or by visiting City Hall at 400 Pearl Street. Central Dispatch can be reached at (843) 398-4920.

For information on submitting a complaint with the Darlington Police Department, click here.

Pay Violations at the Clerk of Courts Office: 400 Pearl Street.
Pay Citations Online:
Pay Citations via Phone: (877) 794-1145


Chief of Police
Chief Jimmy Davis
Captain Over Patrol Division
Captain Michael Cooke
Captain Over Investigation, Public Information Officer, Victim Services, & Community Outreach
Captain Kimberly Nelson
Lieutenant Over Patrol, B&D Shift
Lieutenant Dominick Robinson
Lieutenant Over Patrol, A&C Shift
Lieutenant Michael Melton
Sergeant of Support Services
Sergeant Sharon Blakney


The Department offers various services to address specific problems and increases citizens awareness and participation in crime prevention. 
These services include victim’s assistance, school resource officer division, narcotics division, criminal investigation division, uniform patrol division and traffic enforcement division.


The Darlington Police Department serves 6,327 permanent residents, thousands of workers, students, and people who pass through our jurisdiction on a daily basis. We are responsible for patrolling several square miles and hundreds of businesses of all sizes. We answer approximately 3,600 to 4,000 reported incidents per year while responding to around 6,000 calls for service.

The average time that it takes for an officer to arrive on scene can be from four to five minutes, depending upon the urgency of the call. Emergency calls where an officer is dispatched have an average arrival time of less than two minutes. 

Each call for service in regard to a crime being committed is assigned an investigator for the incident and is followed up by an investigator. The officer taking the report and an investigator will follow up on the incident. Our victim’s advocate will also contact the victim by both phone and written communication.

During the past 10 years, crime, especially violent crime, has dropped significantly. In addition to this, property crime has also dropped at a steady rate. Part of this is because of continual cooperation between our businesses and the police department.

For more information, call (843) 398-4026. For emergencies, please call 911.


Traffic and parking patterns are closely watched. Traffic areas where collisions take place or areas of heavy congestion are located are worked on a daily basis during peak hours to reduce such issues.

Parking lots under the jurisdiction of the Darlington Police Department are thoroughly checked by our Parking Enforcement officer. The two major areas of interest to this officer are people who park in emergency/fire lanes and those who park in handicap spaces. The first group can prevent much needed assistance from getting to a business should an emergency arise. The second group can limit patrons from shopping or enjoying the services of nearby businesses.


It is a common practice for almost all businesses to have alarms. Each alarm call is taken seriously and an officer is dispatched to respond to every alarm call. All such calls are logged into our alarm system reporting tab via software that the police department uses.

An officer will wait and meet with the key holder of that business to check inside the business regardless of whether it is an actual or false alarm at that location. Remember, it is important that a key holder and current notification numbers should be kept on file with our dispatch service to notify these personnel.

Central dispatch can be reached at (843) 398-4920.


During night time hours when businesses are closed, night shift officers will check each business multiple times during the shift depending upon the volume of calls for service. Businesses that are open during these hours will also be checked on numerous occasions during the night as this is likely a more vulnerable time for businesses.

It is also the practice of the police department upon request to do a special walk-through of a business if you feel you have a suspicious person or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable in the business where you feel our presence could help to resolve that situation. We will, at the request of the business, place this person(s) on trespass notice for the location. This person will be identified, and information will be placed in our record management system to arrest this person(s) if they are found at this property again. This would also include people who are loitering at such locations without purpose.


Another common practice of the police department is to check any vendors who are attempting to sell items in the parking lots of businesses. Unless the business has approved such activities taking place, the vendor will be asked to leave and will be asked to present a city business license.


Officers will provide escort services to the bank for deposits and will also escort employees to their cars at the close of business if there is a need upon request. It is important that the person who is making the bank deposit realize that during nighttime hours our officers will get to the escort as soon as is possible depending upon other calls for service.

Darlington Police Department
Darlington Police Department


Position Category:  Patrol Officer

Position hours: Full-time position.  12-hour rotating shifts

Job Duties:

  • Responds to emergency police situations
  • Performs community-oriented proactive law enforcement work involving a variety of general or support duty assignments
  • Drives or walks to observe illegal or suspicious activities


  • Must be 21 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must possess a valid SC driver’s license
  • Must possess or able to obtain certification from South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy

Pay info: Salary based on certification status, education and experience

All Applications should also contain a current, color photograph, and must contain a copy of the following:

SC Driver’s License
Social Security Card
High School Diploma or GED
Military Records or Form DD214, if applicable
Birth Certificate
Credit History

You may very easily complete our online application above and submit electronically.  All required documents aforementioned are required at time of submission.  Please email these to Chief Davis at jdavis@cityofdarlington.com.

For your convenience, you may also access an application packet here or pick up an Application packet at the Darlington Police Department 400 Pearl Street, Darlington.  To request a copy via mail, please call (843) 398-4026.

For application or job position questions, please reach out to the Police Department at (843) 398-4026.