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Design Review BoardThe City of Darlington Design Review Board meets on an as-needed basis.

The Building Official and Design Review Board shall have the responsibility of reviewing for approval all sign applications for which a sign permit is required.  No sign permit for which a permit is required shall be issued and no sign shall be constructed, modified or altered in any manner, except for changing copy, without approval of the Building Official or Design Review Board.

In its review of a sign application, the Building Official and Design Review Board shall consider the proposed general design, arrangement, texture, materials, colors, lighting, placement and appropriateness of the proposed sign in relation to other signs and other structures on the premises and in the surrounding area.

More specifically, proposed signs shall adhere to the following design criteria:

(1)     Each sign shall have good scale and proportion in its design and in its visual relationship to buildings and surroundings.

(2)     The colors, materials, and lighting of each sign shall be restrained and harmonious with the building and site to which it principally relates.

(3)     The number of graphic elements on a sign shall be held to the minimum needed to convey the sign’s major message and shall be composed in proportion to the area of the sign face.

(4)     Each sign shall be compatible with signs on adjoining premises and shall not compete for attention.

(5)     Identification signs of a prototype design and corporation logos shall conform to the criteria for all other signs.

(6)     No sign shall be hand drawn or lettered, unless done so in a professional artistic fashion.


Mrs. Linda Beckham – Term Expires June 30, 2021
Mrs. Audrey Gore – Term Expires June 30, 2021
Ms. Christy Williamson – Term Expires June 30, 2020
OPEN SEAT – Term Expires June 30, 2021
OPEN SEAT – Term Expires June 30, 2020


Time & Day: meets on an as-needed basis
Location: City Hall Courtroom (400 Pearl St.)
For more information, contact Codes Enforcement: (843) 398-4000 x105


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