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The City is enlisting an architectural historian to conduct a Historic Resource Survey, updating research of the history of the area, taking photographs, updating descriptions of historic buildings and offering recommendations of buildings that may qualify for listing in the National Register. Learn more about the survey and how you can get involved in enriching the history for the City of Darlington!  Download the Survey Form here.

What is a Historic Resource Survey?

This is a documentation of historic buildings (built up through 1982) in a particular boundary. It includes research of the history of the area, photographs and written descriptions of the buildings, and evaluation of them for potential eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.

Why is the City doing this project?

The City has a goal of preserving important historic resources and to ensure that future development projects complement existing structures and sites. Toward this goal, they are obtaining a survey to determine what exists in the survey area and whether any buildings have particular historic significance. They were granted part of the survey funds from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH), which oversees survey projects throughout the state. The funds are distributed from the National Park Service.

How does the project work?

An architectural historian researches the history of the buildings or building types in the city and writes a historic context. After approval from the SCDAH, the architectural historian conducts the survey, taking photographs and writing descriptions of all historic buildings. She then makes recommendations about which buildings might qualify for listing in the National Register or on a local list, or which buildings might form a historic district.

Who is doing this project?

Staci Richey, of Access Preservation, is the architectural historian selected by the City. She has conducted surveys in Myrtle Beach and Horry County, Columbia, Lexington, and other places in South Carolina. She has seventeen years of experience in the field of historic preservation and holds a master’s degree from UofSC in Public History. She will be working with the City’s Planning staff on this project.

When is the project happening?

Ms. Richey has already begun historic research for this project and will turn in a draft of the historic context in early March 2022. The field work (photographs and walking through the survey area) will occur in March and April of 2022. The recommendations and survey forms will be turned in during the summer of 2022.

What will be the final results?

The results will be a written report with the historic context and recommendations for which buildings or districts might be historically significant, digital photographs and maps, and digital survey forms for each building that was surveyed. A few hard copies of the final report will be provided to the City and to the SCDAH.

Will anyone be asking me about my building?

For houses, you will not be asked anything, but you are welcome to speak with Ms. Richey. She will not be knocking on doors and will only be taking photographs from the street. She will not come onto your property unless invited. Larger industrial sites will likely be contacted for any history they can provide about their buildings.

Will this project restrict my property?

No, this is a documentation and recommendation project only. The SCDAH makes the final determination about whether something is eligible for listing in the National Register. A property owner would need to pursue the listing to get on the Register, and even if they do, such listing does not restrict your property in any way.  The City staff and Historic Landmarks Commission may use this information to aid in planning and preservation efforts in the future, but this does not result in any immediate change to your zoning or add restrictions to your property.

How do we find out the results of the survey?

The City will create another public meeting this summer to reveal the results of the survey, and, when the survey document is complete, the SCDAH will publish it on their website.

How can I help?

If you know of any history about the survey area, please contact Staci Richey at 803-546-4888 or at staci.richey@gmail.com or Lisa Bailey at the City of Darlington at 843-992-1561.

You may access the Survey Research form here.

Where is the survey area?
history of southeast darlington

Click to enlarge survey area map.

The survey area is in the southeast part of the city bounded approximately by “A” Avenue, South Main Street, Theressa Drive, Joe Louis Boulevard, Old Florence Road, and Friendship Street.

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