welcome to the city of darlington
city hall: Monday - Friday 830AM - 5PM


The City of Darlington has a Manager-Council form of local government.

Mr. John Payne is City Manager and Mr. Curtis Boyd is Mayor of the City of Darlington.

Darlington City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall located at 400 Pearl Street.
From time-to-time Darlington City Council has work sessions as well.

Click here for Council Meeting Minutes & Agendas.     You may access City Budgets here.

You may visit the City of Darlington Facebook channel to watch Council Meetings.  Click here.


Mayor_Council_Wards Map

The City of Darlington is divided into 3 precincts, each with its own council member. 

Council member John Segars represents precinct 3 (shown in pink), Council member Sheila Baccus represents precinct 1 (shown in dark blue), and Elaine Reed represents precinct 2 (shown in light blue).  3 other council members are elected at-large (city-wide); they are Bryant Gardner, John Milling, and Howard Nettles.  Mayor Curtis Boyd is also elected city-wide.

At-large members, including the Mayor, were elected in November 2019 and their new terms began in January 2020 and last for four years.  Precinct (or district) council members were elected in November 2017, and their new terms began in January 2018 and will end in December 2021.  Names and residence locations of the city-wide council members and the Mayor are also show on the map for reference.