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November 2, 2023

From the desk of John Payne, City Manager

In 2018, the City of Darlington began a stormwater project in Southwest Darlington that cost almost $3 million.  The project was completed in 2019.  According to our engineer, this type of project should last 30-50 years, but it failed within two.  To pay for the project, the City issued a revenue bond for over $2.4 million, and we still owe almost $2 million.  This year, the City of Darlington will make a bond payment of over $181,000.  This is ultimately paid for by the customers.

After learning of the problems we faced, the City hired a forensic engineer and lawyer to investigate.  They found significant deficiencies by the contractor and engineering firm.  The project administrator, also an engineer, did not catch the problems either.  Currently City administration, at the direction of the Mayor and City Council, is pursuing all legal avenues to have those liable for this failure rebuild the drainage system.  The customers in Darlington should not have to pay twice for it.

I ask you to watch the attached video and read the accompanying article so that you understand what is going on in Darlington, because you, the customers, will pay for this project for another 15 years.

Thank you,

John Payne
City Manager

You may download Mr. Payne’s letter to Citizens of Darlington here.