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Below are the Zoning Maps for the City of Darlington. See the Zoning Designation for a parcel by using the first three or four digits of the Tax Max Number to help locate the appropriate map. After each link, the major streets shown on that map are indicated.

Areas shaded in gray indicate that the parcel is in a historic overlay district.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Planning Department at (843) 398-4000 or the Codes Enforcement Office at (843) 398-4029 before purchasing, selling, building, or repairing a property.

To request a Certificate of Zoning Compliance, download the form here and email to smarie@cityofdarlington.com.

Note: Properties located in the Darlington Country Club should check this map for Zoning information.

146-00  SC-151, Lamar Highway

164-01  Langston Street, Smith Avenue, North Main Street, Belvin Street

164-02  Spring Street Extension, Blue Street, Lawson Road

164-03  Barfield Road, Eastburn Court, Gann Drive

164-04  Oakdale Subdivision: Maryland Drive, Alabama Drive, Oklahoma Drive, Kentucky Drive

164-05  North Main Street, Smith Avenue

164-06  Blue Street, Richmond Street, Spring Street Extension

164-07  Medford Drive, Gann Drive, Spring Street Extension

164-08  Oakdale Subdivision, Cashua Ferry Road, Mont Clair Road

164-10  Doneraile Street, North Main Street

164-11  Cashua Street, Spring Street, North Ervin Street, North Spain Street, Warley Street, East Hampton Street

164-12  Myrtle Drive, Cashua Ferry Road, Brearly Street, Brittain Road, Fulton Road

164-14  North Main Street, North Street, Orange Street, Wells Street

164-15  Cashua Street, East Hampton Street, the Public Square, Oak Street, Spain Street, East Broad Street

164-16  Fifth Streeet, Warley Street, Tee Circle

165-00  Avenue D, Old Florence Road

165-01  Phillips Street, Cotton Street, Orange Street, Calhoun Street, Pearl Street

165-02  Orange Street, Pearl Street, West Broad Street, Edwards Avenue, Washington Street, Dargan Street

165-03  South Main Street, Dargan Street, Third Street, East Hampton Street, Avenue A, B & C

165-04  Fifth Street, Avenue D, Seventh Street

165-05  Pearl Street, Lamar Highway, West Broad Street, Syracuse Street, Cleveland Street

165-06  West Broad Street, Chalmers Street, Coker Street

165-07  South Main Street, Chestnut Street, First Street, Avenue F, Allen Street, Lee Street

165-08  Third Street, Avenue H, Sparks Street, Avenue F

165-09  Brockington Road, Jefferson Street, Tallulah Street, South Milling Street

165-10  Chestnut Street, Washington Street, Jessamine Street

165-11  Bacote Street, Allen Street, South Main Street, Limit Street

165-12  Joe Lois Boulevard, South Main Street, First Street, Sparks Street

165-14  52 Bypass, Washington Street, Cross Street

165-15  Juleswood Drive, Limit Street, Bacote Street

165-16  South Main Street

166        U.S. 52 Bypass & U.S. Business Intersection

183        SC34, Springville Road

183-05  Oakview Drive

183-09  Cashua Ferry Road, Country Club Road

183-13  Country Club Boulevard, Fairway Drive

184 Darlington Country Club residential parcel 77

SEWER LINE REPAIR: On Monday, July 15, N. Ervin St. will be closed at the Cashua St. entrance due to a sewer line repair. To access N. Ervin St., you will need to enter through the Spring St. entrance. Repair time is unknown until crews are able to break ground.